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“Outstanding debut by boppy Brighton based outfit featuring Byron Wallen on top form and massive drumming from Winston Clfford” Jazz Express“A memorable wide ranging yet integrated debut from a leader who knows his Paul Chambers from his Jimmy Garrison” – Jazz Journal international  “The arrangements are full of fresh ideas – a must buy!” Jazz U.K.

Playing Jazz today can mean so many different things, For me it’s a celebration of the seeking spirit, a spontaneous expression of our humanity and above all to touch someone’s life As a player and a composer I’ve been inspired by all aspects of Jazz, it’s traditions and innovations, it’s sheer breadth of expression and emotion. A world music that crosses many boundaries. In Winston, Mark, Byron, Joe and Julian I’m fortunate enough to have not only some of the finest creative musicians in Britain today, but also great friends whom I love and respect.

Nigel Thomas Double Bass

Winston Clifford Drums  

Mark Edwards Piano & Synth  

Byron Wallen Trumpet & Flugel Horn  

Joe Robinson Tenor and Soprano Sax        

Julian Nicholas Soprano Sax & Bass Clarinet    

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